Monday, November 4th- 2:00pm CET

Direct all questions to info@richmondinrome.it

Please read these instructions very carefully before you begin

1. Please read the course descriptions thoroughly and then click on the link at the bottom of this page to proceed to registration.

2. SEMESTER ONLYYou should choose four to seven courses in order of preference and, very important, according to the Course Load Prospect.

3. SEMESTER ONLYWhen choosing Italian Language you can select either the class subsequent to your Orientation level (3 or 4 credits) or Basic Spoken Italian (1 credit).

4. All courses are capped at 25 students per course, and students gain admission according to a number of factors, including the order (time and date) in which they pre-enroll. 

5. Check the semester course schedule carefully.  Do not select courses that meet at the same time.

6. You will receive a notification email for your pre-enrollment immediately for reference.

7. Make sure you provide us with a valid email address that you check often as we may need to contact you if there is a problem with your registration.

8. You must register by Monday, November 11th by 1:59pm CET (CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME).

9. To register for courses, click here: Register for courses.

10. If you experience problems please email us at info@richmondinrome.it