housingOur Rome students generally highly appreciate the program arranged housing, which is carefully selected by the program administrators and is all in central, safe, agreeable locations.
Whether you share an apartment or live in a home stay, our housing options will enhance your Italian language skills through cultural immersion and help make your stay in Rome truly memorable.
You will find that adapting to typical Italian housing enables you to fully experience Italian life, meeting your neighbor, your landlords and talking to shop owners down the street will help you integrate and better understand Italian culture and way of living.

Some comments from past students:
"Every apartment is unique, and you will learn how lucky we all are to have such amazing locations. Explore the area around where you live and learn what awesome restaurants and stores are a short walk away!" (Jamie Mercurio, University of Rhode Island, Spring 2010)
"Doing home-stay provided me with the best experience I could ever gotten" (Ashley Jacobson, Bethel University, Spring 2012)
"Have an open mind and embrace the change, it can be fun and good experience." (Claire Kiddy, Texas Woman's University, Spring 2012)
"Do an apartment, each one is so unique and you really get Roman experience." (Christine Pearce, Bradley University, Spring 2012)
"The family was wonderful. Made me feel right at home the first day. They made my stay in Rome absolutely amazing." (Courtney Roebuck CSS2007)
"Go with an open mind. I loved my apartment and you will too!" (Spencer Schmale, Ohio Wesleyan University, Fall 2009)

Home-stay option:
Families host one or two AIFS-Richmond students, in double or single rooms. The typologies of Italian family are various: single person, professional couple or a family with children. You have your own bedroom and you share kitchen, living room and bathroom with your Italian family. Your family will provide you with a key to the apartment and you can come and go as you wish, in respect of the other family members.

Apartment option:
Each apartment is privately owned and is unique in location, atmosphere, size, design, facilities, floor plan, and number of bedrooms. A typical apartment houses two to eight AIFS-Richmond students in single, double or triple bedrooms. Up to four students will share one bathroom and all students share the kitchen and sitting area.
Apartments are provided with washing machine, internet, basic kitchen supplies, furnishings, blankets, two sets of sheets per student. Towels, telephones, clothes dryers, air conditioning and microwaves are not provided. Students pay a utility fee of €320 per person per semester in cash directly to the landlord to cover the cost of utilities consumption, cleaning and condominium fees.