volunteerThe Volunteer Work Program enables you to get to know better many aspects of the society and community you are living in and to receive practical, hands-on training and work experience in one of a range of volunteer work associations. The Program has been operating since 2002, and currently places around 10 to 12 students per semester.

Helping Others Can Help You!

Gain Valuable Life Experiences and Skills

Whether you help teaching English in a local school or collect donations for a local association, you will experience the real world through hands-on work. You can use this experience to explore your major or career interests.
Your extracurricular activities reveal a great deal about you, such as what your interests are, whether you can manage your priorities and maintain a commitment, and how you've made a meaningful contribution to something.

Meet Interesting People

Volunteering brings together a variety of people. Both the recipients of your volunteer efforts and your co-workers can be rich sources of insight.

Improve Your Italian and Learn the Culture

Volunteering in Rome will give you a unique chance to meet and communicate with Italians, to practice the language and to see another part of the culture.

Professional, Academic goals

More and more state educational standards, colleges, graduate programs and employers use volunteer service records as a required mandate or primary selection criteria.

A volunteer work experience in a foreign country can be very impressive on your resume.


Volunteering has many other intangible benefits. It can help you give back to society, break down barriers of misunderstanding or fear, explore personal issues, and even have fun.