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“Where there is a will, there is a way“
Service Learning School Volunteering
Participating in the Service Learning & Active Citizenship Program enhanced my stay in Italy and proved to be a very important part of my study abroad experience. Working with the youth is a great way to experience and truly get familiar with a new culture and environment. My experience at the Junior High School was an eye opener in terms of how I view myself and how I view Italy. I learned a lot about myself, noticed personal growth, and enhanced skills that I intend to continue to build upon in my field of study.
What did I get out of my placement with the elementary school?

ALEEYIA HENDERSON, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State Un.
Rome, Fall 2017

I learned that the guests come from all over Europe and even the Americas. One man I met was from Canada. I did not get to hear his full story but he was extremely grateful for what the church is doing by giving out hot meals.  Another man I spoke with was from Columbia.  I was able to speak to her in Spanish and find out where she was from.  Again, she was also extremely happy about being able to eat every day.  What I hope to learn in the future is what brought these people from across the globe to Italy of all places.  It is fascinating that so many different countries are represented in just these small groups of people!
What did I get out of my placement with the migrant center?
JERRY FARMER from Colorado Christian University,  Rome, Fall 2017

Before this experience, I had a very strict and rigid idea of what I would do in the future. I am majoring in Finance and Economics, so I planned on either going to law school and becoming a corporate attorney or becoming a financial analyst. Now, I have realized how much I enjoy creating. Giulia Barela Design has shown me that it is possible to succeed in anything you are passionate about, as long as you work hard and make it your number one priority. Anything is possible when you have passion for what you do. I enjoyed witnessing the growth of a business. The mixture of business and art is very interesting. After experiencing how woven art is within the European culture, I believe it is a profitable career path.
Hilina Kahsai from University of Texas, Rome Summer School 2017

This internship was an amazing opportunity for me to expand my horizons and to gain more experiences and skills in what would hopefully one day be my future career path.This internship in the Museum has helped me gain new skills and build upon my old skills that I can now use in my future, as well as helping me gain confidence in myself to self-advocate for what I think is right for me.
Kelly Reitz, English Literature Major at Lesley University (MA), Rome Summer School 2017
1280px-Roma Galleria Nazionale dArte Moderna - Il mito dellItalia

"Working at Bus2Alps has been an incredible experience, that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. After completing 12 weeks of work, in Rome, Italy, I feel like I could take on anything. This was the absolute perfect internship placement for myself, because I am very passionate about the travel industry. When I graduate, I intend on opening my own student-travel business!"

Clarissa Casas from California State Un. (CA), Major in Business Marketing
nternational Internship in Communications in a company located in Trastevere, the most charming neighborhood in all of Rome
clarissa 2

"After working at Saint Louis for the past twelve weeks it has honestly been the best internship experience I have underwent. I not only learned a lot about different aspects within the music industry, but also different departments with different, new ways of thinking. I learned that although the music industry may seem small, new departments are being developed everyday, and you can combine music, politics, and traveling together."
Daisy Santow’s experience, from Manhattanville College, Purchase (NY), Major in Music Industry and Minor in Political Science

What will you miss most and least about this placement?
"I think I will miss the people the most, as I got really close with my coworkers. They are all young, I feel like we had a lot in common. I learned a lot from them when it came to the workplace in Italy as well as how to work with teenagers and adolescents in Italy. I’ll also miss the opportunities I was offered, such as the art therapy lab at the Italian school. I feel very lucky to have gotten to have the opportunity to do that, in a place that doesn’t speak my language, with kids that are very cooperative."
Katie Scherpf, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, Internship in Education at Telefono Azzurro Onlus, Rome, Italy - Spring 2017

Internship at an Onlus
Annie KHUONG from University of Houston (TX), Internship in a leader company in Italy in the production of TV series and films for cinema, Rome, Spring Semester 2017
“I enjoyed learning about Italian film and cinema history as well as Italian film terminology…. I went visiting a movie set today! Yay! I witnessed the roles of the director, sound quality check, video quality check, continuity fact check, and even stage designer. Everyone had his or her own job to make sure that the filming would go smoothly, quickly, and within budget.”

Partenza-WeRunRome  legion-bg
Trent MAURER from St. John Fisher College, Rochester (NY), Internship in Marketing and Sport Management - Rome, Spring Semester 2017
“The past few weeks have really open my mind up to the way international companies communicate to each other… when I came here, I realized how much English is needed when talking to potential sponsors or clients. People need a common language to speak and luckily for me, it happens to be English!”

Photo Trent
reference salvatore russo

Find out about Daisy Santow’s experience, from Manhattanville College, Purchase (NY), major in Music Industry and minor in Political Science, working as intern in Rome in one of the most renowned musical educational reality of Europe-wide excellence, with more than 1,800 students each year from all over the country.
“I have developed relationships with my co-worker, and the head of the communications and social media department. The three of us work closely with one another developing ways to improve the international aspect of the school. …..All in all, I enjoyed my fourth week here tremendously! It seems as though each week there is always something new, my responsibilities grow stronger and stronger, and the tasks are never dull. “

Find out about Leonor’s experience , from West Virginia University (WV), and of her Internship in Art Design and Media while studying abroad in Rome, Italy with AIFS and Richmond University.
 What do you think of the workplace atmosphere?
The work atmosphere is amazing, every day I feel more comfortable being here. Everyone is always trying to help me and correct my Italian when I speak to improve my learning. Lunch and coffee breaks are really enjoyable and I feel included in everything.When we have meetings at work, my coworkers take into
consideration my opinion.

 1 The Scents of Rome Guide by LOZZI Publishing

Emily Jelinek, BA of Arts in Cinema and Photography at Southern Illinois University worked as intern in Rome while studying with AIFS and Richmond in Rome. We have asked her:
In what ways have the knowledge, theory, and skills gained from your class work - in both Rome and your home university - come in useful when applied to the work setting? 
“My classes taught me how think creatively. That mentality has been very helpful in Rome, because all I have is a basic camera and a tripod that is not particularly designed for pans or tilts. The class work here in Rome has also been useful because it has helped me learn some very important Italian language basics. I have also learned more about Italian cinema, what Italian humor is like, what kinds of things Italians positively respond to on the screen. All of this has made my work much easier.”
Castel Sant Angelo Rome

Courtney KABAT, AIFS FALL 2016, from Southern Illinois University Carbondale shares her impressions about studying abroad and getting international work experience in Communications
What new things have you learned, since the first weeks?
Since the first weeks of working in Rome,  I’ve learned to look at businesses from a different angle. By working in the sponsorship office I’ve learned that partnerships must be in mutual benefit for all partners and organizations involved. This has challenged me in being creative, a critical thinker, and thinking ‘outside of the box’. I’ve also learned that I must take off my “USA” glasses and learn of what is popular in Italy, what is relevant in Italy. I’ve noticed that I gravitate towards, or what a typical American may look for, may not necessarily be what Italians look for.
courtney Kabat

What new things may I learn as an Intern in Rome?

Spring Semester 2016 in Rome, Italy
Evan Nussbaum
Major in Business at Ohio State University
Internship in a Management Consulting & Financial Advisory Services Company
"The Work Supervisor gave me some research on the accounting differences between US and Europe, the major similarities and differences between the US GAAP and the EU IFRS. I have learned so much over the past couple weeks! I really feel that the work I do in the office has made a huge impact not just on me but on the company as a whole!”.“
Christian Mendez Martinez
Major in Political Science at Manhattanville College (NY)
Internship in Political Science & International Business at a Law Firm
“One main thing I have learned is the importance and process of carefully reading and analyzing a contract. These procedures are vital and important when reading contracts, as your clients lawyer you want to be sure that the contract meets all your clients' expectations and benefits. Once a contract is finalized there is no turning back which is why it is important to get every minor detail needed into the contract for future purposes”.
Haley Claffy
Major in International Studies at University of South Carolina
Internship in International Relations at a Politic Refugee Center

“Over the past few weeks, I feel that I’ve learned a lot about how to interact with people from so many different backgrounds. It’s been incredible learning about everyone, guests and staff alike, at the center, and being able to work around language barriers, and learn about their mindsets and the countries they came from. I also think working at the center has helped me learn how to be both compassionate and sympathetic, but firm at the same time, being able to simply say no is a skill that is definitely overlooked”
Morgan Mantilla
Major in Communication at the California Lutheran University
Internship in Communications with a Smart Properties Real Estate Agency

 “I feel like I’m working as an Art Director, minus the artistic aspect, for Mad Men! All I do every day is look at Italy from different angles and try to sell it. All the articles I write for the blog are meant to be an honest observation that also manages to advertise Italy’s charms to the foreign investor. I suppose that really does fit in quite nicely with my career path of advertising. I exercise my creativity in this field every day, figuring out how to advertise a major city, culture, and entire country.”
Hannah Wood
Major in Marketing & Arts Management at College of Charleston (SC)
Internship in Art&Media at the Marketing and Communication Department of a Musical Institution
“I have learned to interact and understand things in workplace that is very different from the one I am used too. There is nothing about the layout of my workplace I would change: there is an excellent dynamic between my supervisor and myself and I am happy to help her when she needs me and I do not bother her when she is busy. I think this works best for us and allows us to get all our work done.” 

Spring Semester 2015 in Rome, Italy

Zachary Rimkus

Bradley University
Internship in History
Mercati di Traiano and Fori Imperiali 
“I explored every aspect and artifact that the museum had to offer. I learned so much about its significance, history, functions, and people! These activities have allowed me to understand the daily tasks and agenda of the museum and its staff. My work through research of the museum, revising texts, receiving feedback, or spearheading the social media campaign has enabled me to gain experience working alongside the staff in bettering the museum.”

"Ho esplorato ogni aspetto e opera d’arte che il museo aveva da offrire. Ho imparato così tanto sul suo significato, la storia, le funzioni e le persone! Queste attività mi hanno permesso di capire i compiti quotidiani e l'agenda del museo e del suo personale. Il mio contributo di lavoro attraverso le ricerche sul museo, la revisione dei testi e raccolta dei feedback, la promozione sui social media, mi ha permesso di acquisire esperienza lavorando fianco a fianco al personale in un’ottica di sviluppo del museo. "

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